4 Reasons You Should Play Football in School


Parents are often the biggest critics of their children when they play various aggressive sports like rugby and American football. What they fail to acknowledge according to doctors is the role sports play in making their child not just healthy but also fit and smart. When in school you ought to find the rights sports to engage in to even allow for proper development of your body. While there are a few challenges you will have to tackle like time management and discipline, there are a lot of ways through which this can be beneficial for you today as Dr. Philip Sobash says.  Find out what these benefits are from the details that are discussed below.

Maintain top fitness levels

You need to be always concerned about the quality of your health as a human being. Aside from watching your diet, your health can also be dictated by how active your lifestyle is. In many ways, joining these sporting clubs will give you the chance to train daily and improve your general body fitness in the process. You are likely to be stronger and also more in shape to tackle any challenges that you face. Playing American football in college will give you free access to gym memberships which many people have to pay for before using today.

Help manage stress

There are a lot of people who switch to sports for therapeutic reasons like fighting anxiety and depression. You should know that managing the pressure from studying all the time can be overwhelming for anyone. This is part of the reason you should consider sport activities and getting gym memberships in order to deal with stress and depression. It is a better escape route to use instead of resorting to drugs and other vices that can easily destroy your life.

Gain time management skills

To become a professional sportsman is a journey that only few people see to the end. There are a lot of factors you must mind like your discipline and time management skills. You ought to understand that proper time management will always be the secret to achieving success in almost anything you do. Collaboration is yet another great skill that you learn from being a sports person since you need to know how to work with your teammates, your coach and other administration that you come across. It essentially builds you towards being a great manger later in life.

Improve leadership skills

American football is among the few spots that mentor players to be disciplined and learn leadership skills. By playing it, you are likely to start from the bottom until you make it to the first team where there are various roles to be covered based on your efficiency and training. Joining the football team should ideal for your growth as a player and leader at the same time. In future you can pursue wide range of opportunities both as a white collar professional and also a sportsman looking for chances.

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