Reasons for the Popularity of College Football in America

You would have noticed people playing sports like cricket, hockey, soccer, and many more in almost all countries. However, Americans have different interests in sports. They will care much about American football and baseball. Even greater than baseball, American football is loved across the country. There are two categories within this football game. The primary one is played city-wise in the name of the National football league abbreviated as NFL. Although it is the primary league in Northern America, the tier two game of college football is loved by most people. College football is played between institutions at regular intervals. Even professionals like Dr. Philip Sobash share their interests in college football during their teen days. If you wish to know why college football is being so popular even than the National football league, you can go through the following reasons.

History and pride

As said, college football is played between different colleges. These institutions would have been there for ages and several batches would have played the same game with the same opponents. So, there will be a history behind each clash happening. However, the national football league will have players who join the team because of the bidding activities. So, the fans will not have anything to be proud of in the latter. In the case of college football, both the players and the fans will have some kind of pride, and their involvement would be high. If the home college loses to an opponent institution, the whole audience would go upset. So, college football is popular than the national league.

Heated rivalries

You may have noticed some rivalries between sporting teams in general. This rivalry will be spicy in college football. As the alumni and current undergrads of the schools will be available during the match day, old memories will come up and the rivalries will be heated up. It will be fun to watch such games with tons of supporters cheering for each team with pure emotions.

Marching band and fight songs

Music is always a fun element that may even turn up an ordinary thing into something exciting. Students will create fight songs with some tunes especially for their home teams and will play them during the matches. These songs will excite the supporters and the players at once. Likewise, there will be a marching band also for each college. So, you will not only see an exciting sporting event but also will see cheers with great music. Even a neutral supporter will get goosebumps on hearing these tunes.

Not for cash

Most sporting events have become business events where a group of businesspeople will spoil the game in the name of sponsorships. As college football players are not doing it for money, you can witness pure emotions playing on the field. Also, the fans will be cheering from the heart without any other intentions.

Fun of inexperience

College football is fun as most of the players will be inexperienced. You cannot have this fun with pro players playing on the field.

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