What is so Special About College Football?


Sports are popular everywhere. In the past, sporting events happened only when people are bored. However, the trend has changed rapidly over the years and sports have become an identity for the countries. You can witness various prestigious clashes happening all over the world under various names. Although there are thousands of varieties of games played by people at the moment, there are only a few that are widespread. Among these widespread games, every country tops in a particular game. Since most people love to play a particular game in those countries, those games are becoming popular. Although America is a strong nation in various aspects, you could not find the national team performing on the big stage in sports like cricket or soccer. However, the whole nation shows interest in a strange game played majorly in the States alone. It is nothing but college football. You can find this game played in all schools and these school events will be considered equal to any international events. Even professionals like Dr. Philip Sobash have voted for college football as their hobbies. There is always a question mark on the reasons behind this popularity. Let us discuss what are special about college football.

History and pride

The first factor that makes college football special is its history. You can find records or reports of the game being played in schools and colleges ages before. As almost all colleges would have a single football team and the name goes on forever, the new students will also get to cheer for their college’s team. The activity goes on and goes the cheer. The game has this much history. Also, there is pride in playing for a college football team and even supporting a team. If the team loses a game, even the supporters will get emotional. These people are not playing for money or something like those who play for other sporting teams. Instead, everyone plays for their own college and pride. So, the game is considered special by most people.

Heated rivalries

Another awesome thing that keeps the craze for college football is the rivalry happening between two colleges. If a team is winning over another at once, the issue becomes a heated issue between two colleges and not two teams as in other sports. So, the students from the winning side may show off in their own style that would irritate the losing college. The lost college will take revenge in the next event and everything gets upside-down. Likewise, the rivalries will continue every year. As all the players belong to the same college until they finish their studies, the rivalries will go big. It makes this game special.

Band songs

A college will have multiple talents and there will be some bands. Since a team is about to play for the college, these bands will form a single group and will do a song for their team. These songs will rock the stage while the events happen. It will make every member of the college feel pride.

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