Why Should I Try Playing Football in School?


While in high school, it is easy for students to fall in bad groups that will affect their performances especially when they are overly idle. Schools roll out various co-curriculum activities which students have to choose from in order to keep busy whenever they can. Dr. Philip Sobash thinks it is healthy to participate in games like American football while in school for a number of reasons that you will find in the text below. By choosing the sport that you have passion in while in school, you can enjoy the following advantages that come with the same.

Get college scholarships

This is by far one of the main reasons why needy students join sporting activities aside from wanting to be fit. There are a lot of medical colleges that offer scholarship program to bright students who are also talented in various ways. It is therefore a great addition to your CV not only when you are applying for scholarships where you are eligible but also when looking for career opportunities in the future. Scholarships allow you to pursue various courses you would want to without being financially inclined for the same.

Develop discipline

Discipline is not just necessary for scholars but everyone in the real world today if any success is to be achieved. Which is a better way to improve your discipline other than choosing American football as a sport? You must first of all observe time at all costs for instance to report to training when needed and so on. Through learning leadership skills and collaborating with your teammates and other staffs, you finesse your general survival skills regardless of the environment that you find yourself in.

Build your body

Growth is a natural process for many people but fitness is always a choice. Rather than allowing your growth hormones to dictate your growth and fitness, consider joining the right football club where you can train get regular exercises to help you keep fit. There are football clubs that arrange for free gym membership and training plans for their members. Joining such forums only expose you to cost effective form of training that will protect you from dangers like being obese or unfit. You must however invest in the right form of body building activities that are natural to avoid harming your body on future.

Open door for career opportunities

There are a lot of career opportunities that manifest when you are sports professional. The best career opportunities in football careers are high paying and that might just be a good ending for you. You stand a better chance of enjoying not just full fitness but chance to try various career opportunities. You can play football for numerous clubs and not only enjoy your passion but also get paid while doing it. High schools are the ideal places for you to lay the foundation to your career as a sports person.

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